According to the updates, UK citizens are now required to pay £6 for visa to visit European holiday hotspots from the year 2022.

Travel Information and Authorisation System will apply to UK visitors, including holiday destinations for example France, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

UK tourists will be forced to pay approximately £6 for a visa when going to see Europe’s most popular hotspots from 2022.

Travellers visiting countries in the Schengen zone need to apply for the document when the scheme is launched at the end of 2022. The Schengen area includes 26 European countries that have formally eradicated all passport and all other types of border control.

The European Commission has approved that its Travel Information and Authorisation System will apply to UK visitors involving holiday destinations like France, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

It will be an additional cost for UK holidaymakers who also have to fork out for local taxes for example the supposed tourist tax in Spain’s Balearic Islands, which tallies around four euros per individual a day to a summer break in resorts including Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca.

The European body mentioned that, “Visa-exempt non-EU nationals will only require a few minutes to fill in an online application which in a vast majority of situations (anticipated to be over 95%) will result in automatic authorization.

“The procedure will be simple, fast and inexpensive: the ETIAS authorisation will cost €7, (£6) which will be a one-off fee, and will be effective for three years and for multiple entries.”

The travel permit was reserved for initiation this year but was delayed due to the pandemic.

It will check entrants and verify status against EU information systems for internal security, borders and migration afore travelling.

Furthermore, the European Commission mentioned “It will assist to identify in advance about the travellers who may pose a risk to security or health, in addition to obedience with migration rules.”

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