Latest Immigration changes by the UK Home Office

Latest Immigration changes by the UK Home Office

Latest Immigration changes by the UK Home Office

Please keep in mind that you are anticipated to take all possible measures to depart from the UK where it is feasible to do so or apply to legalize your stay in the UK. You are permitted to gain access to Visa and Immigration services as these are believed to be an essential public service. You need to obey the present COVID-19 rules for where you reside, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you plan to leave the UK to go to a country or territory presently registered in red list but have not been able to do so and you have a visa, leave or ‘exceptional assurance’ that ends before 30 November 2021 you may apply for additional time to stay in the UK , which is called the ‘exceptional assurance’.

Please keep in mind that there may also be extraordinary situations where you may not be able to go back to a country or territory listed as green where that nation has shut their borders or where quarantine services are provisionally over-subscribed in which circumstances you may also make an application for ‘exceptional assurance’.

In your email for the Exceptional Assurance, you must attach proof to demonstrate that why you are unable to depart the UK. For instance, if you cannot leave the UK due to fact that you are unable to find a flight before your leave or visa expires, you will be required to submit a copy of a confirmed flight ticket or proof of flight unavailability.

During the period in which your request for ‘exceptional assurance’ is undecided you will carry on with the circumstances as per your present or most recently expired visa.

If you are given ‘exceptional assurance’ it will operate as a short-term protection against any unfavourable action or penalties after your leave has expired. If circumstances permit you to work, study or rent lodging you may carry on to do so during the period of your ‘exceptional assurance’. ‘Exceptional assurance’ does not provide you leave. It is a route to safeguard those who are not able to leave the UK because of the COVID-19 limitations and not to expedite travel, other than to go back home.

If you have already been provided assurance but your conditions have modified or you are not able to depart from the UK by the assurance date previously provided, you must reapply utilizing the process mentioned in today’s video update. You will be required to clearly state that you are making a succeeding application. You will be asked to submit new supporting evidence.

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