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In recent years, Canada has turned into a progressively popular country for individuals to migrate to.

Actually, it was ranked number one nation for migrants in the year 2020. There are several motives for this – the advantages of living in Canada as a newcomer involve coming across new job prospects, lively cities, calm neighborhoods, and excellent schools. The point that Canada also has a past of welcoming migrants with open arms and treats them as a gain to their society is an encouraging reason within itself.

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Canadians honour themselves in encouraging all of their nationals to respect their own values and have religious liberties. In the year 1971, Canada approved a national rule of multiculturalism, which honours the country’s diversity.

Canada’s Strategy on Immigration for the Future

Canada intends to continue to greet migrants from across the world to come and reside in the country in order to keep getting the capable personnel and specialists to fulfil the skill shortages it has in specific industries.

Canada has intended to boost the number of migrants in the country by a total of 350,000 by the year 2021. Most of these migrants will be economic migrants or family-sponsored immigrants.

United States Rated 6th Best nation for migrants

The United States wasn’t too far behind, standing at sixth best nation for immigrants to settle in. Even though President Donald Trump has tried to reduce specific immigration measures, the acceptance of immigrants has stayed constant from how it was in the past.

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