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In this video we will be discussing about Canada’s Coronavirus International Travel Restrictions which has been extended until 31 October, 2020.



Recently Canada has extended international travel limitations to prevent the diffusion of coronavirus by 1 more month, that is 31 October, 2020.

The judgement was made by Federal Government Order in Council, issued on 28 September 2020. The previous travel limitations, since March2020, already expired on 30 September, 2020.

It denotes that the limitations because of the Coronavirus will have been in place for the past seven months now. With a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic presently striking many parts of the country, it is possible that the restrictions will be further extended.



The Order in Council mentions that “no rational replacements to avoid the introduction or spread of the disease are available.”

The restrictions include travellers arriving from a foreign country other than the United States. The travel restrictions influencing the Canada-U.S. border is safeguarded by a separate agreement, that presently expires on 21 October, 2020.

A person coming to Canada is still required to quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival and give

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers a practical quarantine plan.

Canada immigration figures crashed in July 2020, pausing the recovery since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.



The latest federal government numbers disclose that 13,645 new permanent residents were permitted during July 2020, nearly 30 percent less than the 19,180 admissions in June 2020.

July’s numbers are also historically down on the same month of 2019 when 36,615 new permanent residents were granted.

Fresh ‘arrivals’ can either be candidates presently in Canada switching from a temporary visa status, or those from abroad who were accepted before 18 March, 2020.

Statistics for the first seven months of the year 2020 show Canada has now tumbled well behind its goal of 341,000 new permanent resident arrivals in 2020.

Between January 2020 and July 2020, Canada greeted 117,075 new migrants, down from 196,845 in the same period of 2019.



The decline in numbers have all come since March 2020, when coronavirus limitations fully took control, with 47,905 new arrivals welcomed in 2020, compared to 130,890 in the year 2019.

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