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In this video we will be talking about Canadian Border Opening for only International Students Travelling to Canada

Good news for anybody who has a valid study permit for Canada in 2020! Regardless of the fact when your permit to study in Canada was authorized, all international students who are enlisted in a Coronavirus-ready Designated Learning Institution (DLI) will be permitted to cross the Canadian border from October 20, 2020.

Canadian education institutions have been functioning round the clock to organise for students to return to Universities and Colleges. Strategies, including prevention as well as health and safety measures, that have been authorized by the corresponding provincial or territorial health authority will be permitted to open their doors and is an evidence to just how well Canada is tackling with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Canadian Government works attentively with provinces and territories on the enticement and accommodation of international students in Canada and other problems linked to international education. Provincial and territorial partners specified that they would like to see a method that permits international students to commence travelling to Canada again, on condition that it is done carefully and follow health requirements.

Engaging a careful method, the federal, provincial and territorial governments have operated mutually in creating that method. The list of DLIs with an authorized COVID-19 readiness plan in place will be posted on IRCC’s website for international students affected by COVID-19 limitations and revised consistently as provinces and territories categorise additional schools.

With the changed travel limitations, immediate family members may be able to escort an international student to Canada if their motive for travel is non-discretionary or non-optional, for example getting settled in Canada in support of the principal applicant’s study program. This might include a spouse or common-law partner, a dependant, or in the case of a minor child who would be studying in Canada, a parent or legal guardian.

Foreign nationals students will still be obligated to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to going back to classes on campus, then again, the IRCC has suggested against making any proposals to travel to Canada if they are sure that they fulfil all obligatory conditions.


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