You have eagerly applied for a visa to reside, work or capitalize in the UK because you can see a world of potentials here, or maybe you have already been attracted to join an existing venture.


You may have spent every ounce of passion in the process of applying for a visa, which can be a extensive and difficult one. What do you do if, having skipped through all those rounds, your application is rejected?


Qualified immigration solicitors across the UK can rapidly and evidently offer you with your opportunities. Whether they crafted the initial application for you or not, they can still fight the appeal for you, and we will keep on going till they have dissipated every possibility accessible to them.


An Immigration solicitor with years of practice, have gone through and won many visa appeals, in a variety of circumstances. Whether you wish to start a company in the UK or capitalize in a scheme here, the professional skill and expertise of your Immigration specialists can help make that a reality.


There are various kinds of appeals accessible and you may be eligible to try more than one path.


Here’s some of the options:


  1. Administrative review: there is a precise time limit on applying for an administrative review, so do communicate with your immigration solicitor as soon as you get your outcome if you would like to try this type of appeal. Your Solicitor will inquire that the Home Office verifies to see if they have correctly granted points to your application.
  2. Discretionary application: this is obtainable to those who have been residing in the UK for five or more years. You can exercise this appeal if you can present proof that you have begun a private or family life, through the European Convention on Human Rights. The ECHR preserves the right to a private and family life in UK law;
  3. Judicial review: parallel to the administrative review, this plea rests on whether the Home Office carried out its work appropriately. It doesn’t look at the legality of your case, but fairly considers whether the Home Office verdict was legitimate or not.

Authorized representatives, such as experienced immigration specialists and visa law organizations, are certified to counsel you on immigration law and your immigration status. It is likely to instruct an immigration and visa legal representative to submit a UK Immigration application.


Caseworkers at the Home Office are guided to reject applications which are inappropriately organized, for example by failing to deliver the correct backup evidence. In order to guarantee your application succeeds, all obligatory documents must be provided.

This can be an important administrative errand and you will need to submit the accurate documentary proof. The UK Immigration Rules are multifaceted and a legal representative can help make sure that your Visa Applications go through the Immigration Rules.


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