Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary has said that Distress is mounting over a new variant of coronavirus which is stretching.

Health authorities first noticed a version of the Delta variant of the disease – AY.4.2 – in July 2021 and it has been spreading rapidly since then.

Keep in mind that this variant is also known as Delta Plus and it has so far not shown itself to be more threatening than other variants but worries remains that it could grow into something more powerful.

On Wednesday at a Downing Street press conference, Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary insisted the public to get their Covid 19 booster vaccines as virus rates rise across the UK, especially in Greater Manchester.

Sajid Javid also expressed worries about AY.4.2.

He informed at the briefing that, “Covid 19 mutates, like any virus, and we are detecting new variants all the time. This comprises a new version of the Delta variant which is presently known as AY.4.2.

“And that new variant is currently multiplying.

“And while there is no reason to consider at this point that AY.4.2 poses a greater risk, the next variant or the one after that might do.

“So we should be ready for what lies around the corner. This denotes that our ongoing program of booster jabs is so significant and this winter we are giving precedence to those most in need.”

He further mentioned that more than 4 million individuals had now had their booster jab but he requested for others to also get their boosters.

The health secretary stated, “We have got the jabs. We just require the arms to put them in”.

The press conference recorded that there were 7,891 individuals in hospital with Covid on 19 October 2021. Although the number is surging, it remains well short of last winter’s peak of almost 40,000 in February.

Approximately 139,000 people have now passed away in the UK inside 28 days of a postive coronavirus test.

In the last 7 days there were an average 136 deaths per day and in the last 24 hours there were 179 demises.

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