UK Visas & Immigration published new statement of change to the immigration rules recently.


The main purposes of the changes are to:


Applying the next phase of the roll-out of the EU Settlement Scheme for resident EU citizens and their family members to acquire the UK immigration status.


As Britain plans to leave the EU, post-Brexit actions are being evaluated and examined, following phase one of the EU pilot policy being successful, phase two is now being rolled out. The planed dates for the second phase to run are 1st November 2018 until 21st December 2018.


Phase two of the policy will be trialed by higher education, health and social care sectors throughout the UK.


Initiate a form of leave to remain for those children relocated to the UK as part of the Calais camp authorization to reunite with family between 17 October 2016 and 13 July 2017 and who do not succeed for international protection (i.e. refugee status or humanitarian safety).

As part of the authorization of the Calais camp in October 2016, 769 unaccompanied children requested asylum on arrival in the UK. Now, after vigilant attention, a number of these cases would fall to be rejected under existing asylum and immigration rules.


The change in rules should allow those relocated to the UK, between 17 October 2016 and 13 July 2017 as part of the Calais camp clearance in order to join up with family, and who do not succeed for international protection (i.e. refugee status or humanitarian protection), to remain in the UK extended term. The checks around this, such as law breaking will continue to be strict.


Assist the control of the new application process in UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) by changing the Rules on the obligations for a valid application.


With the new application procedure being rolled out, which is hoped to be a more efficient, modernized and digital friendly interface, there will still be a process for obtaining paper forms, where online forms are not yet accessible.


The Rules changes set out the obligations for making a legal application under the new application process in relation to the applicant making an appointment to appear in person to register their biometrics and presenting the mandatory credentials in provision of their application.


The policies will also overlay minor changes to fee waivers, request for passport return/travel outside CTA, evidential requirements and tractability.


Identify proof for medical exemption from Knowledge of Language and/or Life in the UK (KoLL) requirements.


There will be more transparency delivered here on what is likely of an applicant demanding indemnity of meeting these requirements on medical basis. The change intends to reduce the potential for maltreatment and misuse by entailing requests to be sustained by a listed type of medical professional.


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