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In this video, we will be talking about the Restrictions eased by Canadian government on Family Members coming to Canada

Family reunion is a vital segment of Canada’s immigration strategy. Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the strict rules and regulations have made it very tough for out-of-country family members to come and live with their Canadian family members. It was published that the federal government will be relieving the Canadian border crossing travel rules. They plan to ease these rules by letting more family members to arrive into Canada.

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The latest border restrictions was set to remain shut until October 21st for any non-essential travel but modifications are coming to permit more family members into Canada on sympathetic grounds. It was published early in October 2020 that “empathy is required in light of the deteriorating spread in some areas of Canada”.

Who Is permitted to come to Canada During Border resctrictions?

  1. Canadian citizens
  2. essential workers
  3. extended relatives
  4. Canadian permanent residents
  5. immediate relatives
  6. International students
  7. long term relationship partner
  8. compassionate grounds of close friends

Since 8 October, 2020, extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can arrive in to Canada. This consist of conjugal relationships and their dependent children, adult children, grandchildren, grandparents, and family member.

Patty Hajdu, the Health Minister stated that, Along with extended family members, non-relative foreign nationals under compassionate grounds in certain conditions may come to Canada. For instance, a close friend suffering life-threatening illness, critical injury, or death could come to Canada. “These circumstances may include being with someone you love to say goodbye at the end of their lives or appearing at a funeral, or end of life ceremony. The judgment to permit someone to end their quarantine before time will be synchronised with the provincial or territorial government”.

From 20 October 2020 International Students who were joining a Canadian university were permitted to enter Canada on condition that the educational institute has a Coronavirus readiness plan in position verified by the Canadian health authorities.

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