Updates for Au pairs coming to the UK

Updates for Au pairs coming to the UK

Updates for Au pairs coming to the UK

Please keep in mind that the Changes to Home Office guidance on providing visit visas confirm that:

Visitors are not permitted to act as au pairs. (For more details, please click the link mentioned below).

Job interviews and Jobseeking are permitted on a UK visit visa, so long as they are the types of jobs you can eventually be supported for; low-skilled jobseeking will be a sore-point to border officers. (Complete details can be found in the link mentioned below in the comments and description box)

Installation, repair and servicing work under Rule PA 7 lasting over one month, and surely more than 90 days, will be a red flag too

Also, there presently seems to be a belief in support of granting long-term, multiple-entry visit visas. In the past there was rule for decision-makers on issues that “must convince decision maker that the applicant have a genuine purpose to visit on a regular basis”.

The decision maker can issue a shorter duration visa if the applicant fulfils the Visitor rules applicable to their visit but the decision maker have apprehensions about issuing a long term visit visa. Entry Clearance officers must attain the authority of the Entry Clearance Manager afore providing a visit visa of shorter duration than that applied for.

The part on modifications from the last version of the guidance mentions that there has also been “Clarification of the possibility of activities allowed under the Permitted Paid Engagement visitor route”, but it is not instantly obvious what has modified.

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