This video update covers the following:

  • UK Visa Application Services normalized
  • Return of Booking Calendar
  • Appointment booking with UKVCAS
  • UK Visa Application submissions
  • Calls to Contact Centre

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Return to normal UKVCAS service normalized

The UK Home Office has announced that the normal UKVCAS service has restarted. This means that new UKVCAS customers (excluding T4 students) can reserve an appointment at a UKVCAS Service Point once they enrol with the UKVCAS and no longer have to wait to obtain an invitation email from them.

For more details please watch the full video and see the ‘Appointment booking with UKVCAS’ in the later part of the video.

Booking Calendar Returns

This is a Wonderful news! The booking calendar is currently giving 4 weeks of appointments, with a new date offered every day. This suggests a mix of free and chargeable appointments. Please keep in mind that, free appointments gets reserved very fast.

Booking an appointment with UKVCAS

To obtain the most appropriate appointment for yourself, please log into your UKVCAS account and use the booking system which is available now.

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To assist you, when searching for an appointment, please scroll down and click at ALL the Service Points listed.

This records Core sites, then in distance order, Premium Lounge sites and Enhanced Service Points. Other Service points under the Core sites may be nearer to your desired locality.

If you observe the FULL LIST of Service Points, you might discover an inexpensive appointment available at a substitute location.

After your booking is approved, you will get an approval email with attachments comprising QR codes for each applicant.

For more details on the latest available list of Service Points (Click here).

Application submissions

Once you have submitted your visa application through the IDV application or at a UKVCAS appointment, all associated information is transferred to UKVI inside 24 hours.

The UKVI intends to process ALL visa applications according to chronology. This denotes that your case will be considered by UKVI based on the date of your signing up with UKVI/UKVCAS.

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Please keep in mind that the UKVI has confirmed, booking an appointment does not signify that your visa application will be processed more speedily.

Furthermore, UKVCAS is unable to  offer any status updates about your visa application once it has been forwarded to UKVI so it highly suggested that you should not call the UKVCAS Contact Centre.

The extraordinary influence of Coronavirus Pandemic denotes that UKVI are not able to maintain their usual service benchmarks for all visa applications made in the UK. UKVI has mentioned that it realises that this means some visa applicants are waiting longer for a decision.

If you immediately need a decision about your visa, please contact UKVI (Click here).

Calls to our Contact Centre

UKVCAS are presently undergoing massive call volumes to their Contact Centre and waiting times are very lengthy. You might also be charged by your telephone service provider while you are sticking around to talk to the Contact Centre operator.

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We highly recommend that before you call the Contact Centre, please check the UKVCAS FAQs which may be helpful for you.

Please note that, UKVCAS Contact Centre operators are there to assist you with any problems you have with your UKVCAS account or to help you to use the IDV mobile application.

They will be unable to tell you about the updates of your visa application with UKVI.