Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister will specify on Tuesday his strategies to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter months, pronouncing a decision to cancel the introduction of vaccine passports and measures to terminate some emergency powers.

Boris Johnson, beleaguered from some in his governing Conservative Party for increasing taxes to repair a health and social care catastrophe, looks set to attempt to calm those critics by dumping strategies to launch passports despite rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Sajid Javid, Health Minister said he did not expect more lockdowns and that the vaccine passports would not be launched in England, as the UK government relies instead on vaccines and testing to protect the public.

Mr. Javid further stated that, “Now that we are entering autumn and winter … the prime minister this week will be introducing our plans to control COVID over the rest of the year 2021, and in that we will be making it well defined that our vaccine programme is functioning”.

Furthermore, he said he was not “foreseeing any more lockdowns” but would not take the measure off the table, that the UK government would not progress with vaccine passports to permit individuals to go to mass events and he wanted to “get rid of” PCR tests for passengers as soon as possible.

Javid added that the UK government would stay “cautious”, but “the vaccine programme, our testing programme, our surveillance programme, the new treatments … this is all our wall of protection and although there is a lot of virus everywhere, it is functioning”.

The opposition Labour Party said it acknowledged it was a “reasonable” method to take some measures off the legislation but cautioned the UK government that winter could penalise the National Health Service (NHS).

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s health policy chief said, “We realize that winter is going to be tough, the NHS are dreading the worst winter in living memory, we realize we are going to have more flu, respiratory problems, so we should prepare our NHS, for the winter.”

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