In this blog update, we will be discussing how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the UK immigration rules and regulations. So we highly suggest you to read the full blog and if you have any questions, don’t forget to comment below.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, there were many new guidelines published by the UK Home Office for travel and UK immigration rules and regulations. If you were residing in the UK during this time and your visa expired between 24th January and 31st July 2020 but unable to leave the UK due to the COVID-19 travel limitations or you needed to self-isolate, you were allowed to apply for an extension. On the other hand, as travel limitations are now being lifted or lessened, you cannot apply for an extension on your visa for COVID-19 related motives.

The Covid-19 pandemic established many modifications and alterations to UK immigration rules, regulations and policies. But precisely how has UK immigration rules and regulations been influenced? In this blog update, we will emphasise on some of the segments that have changed and specify some information as well for those who have been affected by these changes.

Applying for a Long-term Visa

Information has been released by the UK Home Office, to assist anyone who desires to apply for a long-term visa in the UK. If you are presently in the UK, you are able to change your visa by applying as usual. In spite of COVID-19 pandemic, this procedure has not changed.

Changes in UK Spouse Visa

Partners and Families have been greatly influenced by the numerous modifications in the UK immigration rules and regulations, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If your partner was considering to apply for a visa or is already on a UK spouse visa, any loss of earnings as an exact consequence of COVID-19 pandemic may have meant that the family did not meet the financial obligations.

On the other hand, on 8th June the UK Home Office presented new rules that any migrant in this condition, their loss of earnings because of COVID-19 pandemic would be taken into consideration. The UK government will think through the family’s income for the period before the loss of income because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you were furloughed or out of work, you are covered in this new rule.

NHS Workers

On 31st March 2020, exactly at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Home Office published that many NHS workers would be allowed to a free one-year extension on their UK work visa. Furthermore, their family members would also be included, that too without any additional cost.

Additionally, the UK Home Office mentioned that if an NHS worker who passed away due to COVID-19 pandemic, their family would get indefinite leave to remain (ILR), without any cost. If you think you are allowed to this and did not get any updates on this, you can get in touch with the department via email mentioned below. For more information on UK work permit and UK immigration you can check our website.

UK Visa Applicants outside the UK

If you are presently not in the UK and are residing out the UK, in that case you are still able to apply for a UK visa online. Furthermore, many of the UK visa application centres have resumed their services as limitations are being relaxed.

If you already applied from outside the UK and your Visa application centre is closed, your UK Visa application will be kept there until the visa application centre services resume.

Fingerprints for UK Visa Extensions

Because of the greater number of UK Visa extensions from the starting of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Home Office has stated that they will no longer be requesting Visa applicants for fresh fingerprints every time they apply for a UK Visa extension.

In some circumstances you can reuse your previous set of fingerprints, on condition that you send all the related supporting documents and submit a photo as well with your UK Visa Application.

Covid-19 Immigration Helpline

The UK Home Office has started a Covid-19 UK Immigration Help Centre, to help everyone who is tackling with complexities because of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can email at or give a ring at the helpline on 0800 678 1767.

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