UK Registration Certificate: Complete Guide


A Registration Certificate is a proof which affirms your leave status in UK and this is required for the individuals who are qualified individual and the more distant family individual from a qualified individual. All the European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and nationals of Switzerland are ‘qualified’ individual. Each one of the individuals who have enrolment endorsements, this won’t be substantial after 31st December 2020.


Now those ready to keep living in UK after June 2021 can apply for ‘Settled Status‘ alongside their family. To be a qualified person apart from being a national of EEA or Switzerland you need to meet following requirements as well.


In simple terms this means that you are exercising your EU treaty rights to live in UK.


This generally means following:

  • You are working in UK
  • You are studying in UK
  • You are self-employed in UK
  • You are self-sufficient
  • You are looking for work in UK
  • You have to submit the proof that you are qualified person


Applying for UK registration certificate


If you are a qualified person you can apply for UK registration certificate online. Online application can be downloaded from UK Border Agency website. Family members of the main applicant can also use this form to obtain registration certificate.

However students or self-sufficient person cannot use online service in case he/she is dependent on a family member for his/her financial support or he/she is financially responsible for any of his/her family members.


Along with the form you must submit following documents as well:

  • Your original passport or identity card
  • Documents which prove that you are living in the UK under EU legal rights. These documents should work as a proof that you are employed, self-employed or studying in the UK.
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificates or birth certificates to prove the family relationship between all applicants.
  • For your family members you can supply other documents. This document should prove that they are in a long-term relationship and they live together.  This can be documents like joint utility bills, bank account statements or tenancy agreements.
  • For each applicant included on the form two passport photographs.


Who is extended family member and how can they apply for UK registration certificate?


Following are considered extended family members of the qualified person:

  • Sister or Brother
  • Cousin
  • Uncle or Aunt
  • Nephew or Niece
  • Relative from a different generation, for example a great-aunt, great-nephew or second cousin
  • Relative by marriage
  • Unmarried partner in a lasting relationship


Apart from the above following an extended family member must also be one or more of the following:


  • They must be dependent on the qualified person before coming to the UK
  • Also after coming to UK they must either continue to be dependent on them or live in the same house as them in the UK
  • They must be living in the same house as the qualified person before coming to the UK
  • Also after coming to UK they must either continue to live with them or be dependent on them in the UK
  • They must be taken care of by the qualified person for they have a serious medical condition
  • For extended family member qualified person applying online can add an extended family member to his/her application


You need to send the application to Home Office and you can get the address on the application form itself. While sending the application separated from supporting documents mentioned before and furthermore specified on the application, you have to make a fee payment for every applicant.


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