Government announce new Health & Care Visa for 2020

UK Government introduces new Health & Care Visa for 2020

The UK government has announced a brand New Health and Care Visa which will start from 4 August 2020. In this video we will tell you what this means for individuals who desire to come in to the UK under this visa category.

The UK government’s goal is to make it stress free for businesses to invite top healthcare professionals from outside the UK and make it inexpensive and quicker for them to come into the UK or pursue leave to remain.

Who can apply for the health and care visa?

Individuals will still be required to fulfil the usual tier 2 (general) rules for entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK which apply to skilled workers. These rules include:

  • Having a valid certificate of sponsorship;
  • submitting evidence of the correct salary which meets the related threshold;
  • proving a good working knowledge of the English language;
  • signifying access to adequate personal savings for when they arrive in the UK if applying for entry clearance if maintenance is not being approved by their sponsor;
  • proving the ability to travel and the capability to specify a full travel history for the preceeding five-year period;
  • submit a criminal record certificate from any country where they have lived for 12 months or more within the last 10 years where the employment will involve working with helpless people; and
  • get a tuberculosis test where the individual is entering from a listed country.

Furthermore, those looking to apply for a UK health and care visa will be required to prove that they are coming to the UK to take a job in one of the occupations stated within the standard occupational classifications (SOC).Currently, SOC include positions such as nurses, dental practitioners, medical practitioners, midwives and physiotherapists including others.

UK health and care visa applicants will also be obligated to show that they will be employed or engaged by a known employee such as an NHS foundation trust, an NHS trust, NHS England, NHS Blood and Transplant, the Care Quality Commission or a local authority including others.

Benefits of applying in the New UK health and care visa

The following are the benefits of applying in the New UK health and care visa

  • Less Visa Application fees
  • Less Processing Time
  • Special support.

Now let’s talk in detail.

Less fees

Applicants, their partners and dependants applying for the Health & Care Visa will get advantage from a reduced application fee. The UK government have also mentioned that Health & Care Visa applicants will be excused from paying the immigration health surcharge, a method designed to gather contributions from migrants towards the running costs of the National Health Service (NHS). Certainly, many have previously received compensations of Immigration Health Surcharge where payment was made on or after 31 March.

Processing Time

Those applying generally for a tier 2 visa as a skilled worker cope with a waiting time of between eight and 20 weeks for an answer from the UK Home Office. Applicants applying under the health and care visa can assume to get a decision far quicker with the UK government promising to deliver a response within three weeks of the biometrics being successfully registered.

Special support

A committed support team has been formed within the United Kingdom visas and immigration department to precisely deal with any problems that those applying for a health and care visa could have. This team will be able to support with any part of the application process with the purpose of removing doubts and anxiety for applicants.

The announcement of the UK health and care visa is a welcome enhancement for the health sector which was over-stretched and uncovered during the COVID-19 pandemic. With applications starting from 4 August,2020 businesses looking to take full benefits of the quick processing time and lessened application fees ought to familiarise themselves sooner rather than later of the new eligibility criteria to really make the most of this health and care visa.