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UK Family Settlement Visa

UK Family Settlement Visa

Do you want to apply for a UK Family Settlement Visa?


Are you unsure about the process for joining a partner, child or family member who is already settled within the United Kingdom?

According to the latest publication from UKVI, there has been a new guidance regarding the visa application process for a family settlement visa within the UK, but what exactly is the process for applying for a family visa?

If you want to live in the UK for more than 6 months with a family member in the UK, you will be obliged to obtain a family visa. The word ‘family’ can also be used as spouse or partner, fiance or fiancee, child, parent or a relative who shall be caring for the applicant in question.

Once the application is applied, the application process ideally can take up to twelve weeks if the applicant is applying from outside of the UK.


To ensure an efficient process, several requirements must be met, which are:

  • A minimum income obligation
  • An English language test
  • All requested proofs by the Home Office
  • No criminal conviction records as it can have a great impact on the case.


Additionally, the applicant cannot join a family member in the UK if the family member in question is on a work or student visa. If this is the case, the applicant will be required to stay with the family member as a dependent instead.

The newly modernized guidance by the UKVI also contains evidence regarding which documents should be shown in support of the applicant’s application, as well as suggestion that the form V A F 4 A should also be completed in addition to the online application.

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