The UK’s New International Sportsperson visa route will list of prestigious prizes entitled under the Global Talent route expanded.

Illustrious award winners and sport stars will be allowed to reside and seek employment in the UK more easily under new abridged Immigration Rules announced by the UK government.

The UK’s New Immigration Rules announced yesterday, Friday 10 September 2021, will originate the new fast-track International Sportsperson route, which will make it more uncomplicated for professional athletes across sports to seek employment in the country.

While enduring to offer an opportunity for anyone desiring to arrive in to the UK for 1 year or less, the new visa route, which commences October 2021, brings together and replaces the current Tier 2 and Tier 5 paths, providing a dedicated and modernized visa for sportspeople and their sponsors.

The UK government has also merged more well-known prizes to the Global Talent Visa, making it uncomplicated for more of the world’s most talented intellectuals to come to the UK.

Individuals at the peak of their career and who have won prominent awards from the world of arts, science, engineering, medicine and more will now be entitled to utilize their skills and expertise to take advantage of the Global Talent Visa. This comprises winners of the Booker Prize, Academy Awards, BAFTA and the Wolf Prize,

Under this visa route, applicants who hold a qualifying prize will be able to fast-track the endorsement application and as an alternative make a single visa application.

Yesterday’s immigration modifications are part of the UK’s points-based immigration system to entice the brightest and best to the country, providing on the UK government’s New Plan for Immigration.

Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary stated :

We desire to attract the world’s greatest minds at the crowning point of their careers, so the UK stays number one on the global leader board in sports, the arts, science, film and technology sectors.

By utilizing UK’s points-based system we focus on talent and skills, not where someone comes from, and the immigration changes we’re making today demonstrate this, making it much easier for the brightest and best to live and work in the UK.

Kevin Foster, UK’s Immigration Minister stated:

The UK is a proud home to some of the world’s most talented stars and the modifications we have made will make it even easier for individuals at the top of their game to arrive and seek employment in the UK.

UK’s immigration rule modifications put our words into action, delivering on the government’s ambition to attract the smartest and best talent to the UK and make sure we build back better.

Among the 73 prestigious awards added to the Global Talent Visa include:

film and television: best supporting actor and actress across the Academy Awards, BAFTA and Golden Globes

science, engineering, humanities and medicine: Benjamin Franklin Medal, Faraday Medal, L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science, various Wolf Prize categories

arts and culture: the Booker Prize, various Queen Elizabeth Competition categories, International Dublin Literary Award

The UK government’s Immigration Rule modifications announced today follow last month’s Sponsorship Roadmap which validates how the UK immigration system will carry on to ease administrative processes for British organisations sponsoring workers from outside the UK.

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