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Latest updates: EU Settlement Scheme


The Home Office published added facts on the new EEA ‘settled status’ pilot scheme on 30th October 2018.

The scheme will permit EEA nationals living in the UK before the Brexit changeover period finishes to apply to continue to live in the UK after December 2020. The government plans it to be entirely unrestricted to EEA nationals and family members of EEA nationals on 30 March 2019. Though, specific types of applicants may already take benefits of the pilot scheme, provided they are entitled to take part in the first stage of the pilot scheme running from 1 November 2018 to 21 December 2018.

The plot offers two application routes, set out in the Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules:

Settled Status

Applicants who have lived in the UK for five years non-stop (while in specific conditions, this can be less than five years) can apply for settled status, which will permit them to live in the UK forever, subject to particular situations. The duration of time that an applicant would have to consume outside of the UK before failing their settled status is presently under evaluation by Parliament.

Pre-Settled Status

Applicants who have not yet lived in the UK for five years will be permitted ‘pre-settled’ status. Anybody with pre-settled status can then apply for settled status as soon as they have resided in the UK for five years continuously, subject to specific provisions.

Not like prior credentials for EEA nationals, applying for settled status or pre-settled status is necessary. The time limit to apply will be 30 June 2021.

On 30 October 2018, the Home Office published more information on the proposal. Though it will be completely open to the public in 2019, there are a numerous individuals who are by now entitled to apply under the pilot scheme, which has been accessible for 15 specific NHS Trusts or the 3 universities since 1 November 2018.

From 15 November 2018, people who are employed or work at higher education associations or overseas higher education institutions in the UK will be entitled to apply, alongside children under the age of 18 who are under the care of local authorities concerned with the pilot. Moreover, applicants who obtain backing from one of the community bodies concerned in the pilot will also be qualified to apply.

People employed by an organisation in the health or social care division will be entitled to apply from 29 November 2018.

All applicants who fall under the above classification will have to convince specific eligibility obligations. Individuals outside these categories will most probably have to hang on until March 2019 to apply.


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