How to apply for UK Visit Visa?

Many individuals are not mindful that effectively applying for a visitor visa can be very problematic. The main cause for refusal is that the applicant has been unable to prove that they will be “real visitors” to the UK.


How can an applicant show that they are “genuine visitors” to the UK?


For an applicant to demonstrate that they are real visitors to the UK, one of the aspects they need to show is their “OBJECTIVE” for arriving to the UK, most importantly that they “purpose” to visit the UK and more essentially, that they aim to go back to their country of origin/residence after their visit to the UK.


“Objective” is hard to support without credentials, since a person’s aim, or “assurance” or “purpose” is an sensitive state that cannot be proven in a physical manner.


For that cause, the Home Office will observe the applicant’s conditions in their country of origin or residence. The applicant will be required to demonstrate that they have sturdy connection in their country of origin/residence, which will force them to return their country of residence before their visitor visa ends.


What is meant by “strong ties”?


Types of an applicant’s “strong ties” to their country of origin/residence could include:


  1. Proof of possessing a business.
  2. Proof of having assets, such as property or properties.
  3. Having a job/occupation which they have had for numerous of years.


Candidates who do not have any of these should not be discouraged from applying for a visitor visa, Nevertheless, as this is only 1 aspect that the Home Office will look at.

Other aspects that the Home Office considers involve:


  1. Whether or not the applicant can genuinely have the funds to pay for all or some of the expenditures of their journey to the UK, (or whether they have family members/friends eager to pay for the entire or some of the expense)
  2. The Applicant’s prior immigration history to the UK and/or other countries
  3. Whether or not they have family members in the UK, etc


As it is clear that , applying for a visitor’s visa is complicated. Should you need a thorough guidance as to the lawful obligations for a UK Visitor Visa, and to intensify your odds of effectively gaining a visitor’s visa, please drop your email address down below in the comments section  and our team of specialists will assist you further.


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