UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) is seen by the UK Government as important service and their team as key workers. This denotes that the Service Points all over the UK will continue to stay open, so visa applicants can carry on to book and be present at appointments to move forward with their UK visa applications.

The UK Government realizes that the new COVID-19 guidelines can be tough for everyone to figure out so they have answered a few Questions & Answers, which we have discussed in today’s video update.

We highly suggest you to watch the full video. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email or our website.

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Question No. 1

Can I currently go for a UKVCAS appointment even if it is in a different area to me?

Yes, you may, on condition that you do not have any indications of COVID-19 and you are not self-isolating. UKVCAS is an ‘essential service’ so going to a Service Point is lawful.

Question No. 2

Can I go to a UKVCAS appointment if I have got indications signs of COVID-19 or need to self- quarantine?

No; if you are showing any indications of COVID-19, you should not attend your UKVCAS appointment. If NHS Track and Trace has suggested you to self-isolate, you should not go to your appointment. Please contact UKVI to let them know (link mentioned below in the comments section and description box below). It is also important that you don’t forget to cancel your UKVCAS appointment by signing in to into your account on the UKVCAS website.

Question No.3

I have just arrived in the UK. Can I attend a UKVCAS appointment?

Perhaps. At first, check that you do not have to self-quarantine if you have just arrived in the UK. If yes, you should not attend a UKVCAS appointment within the phase of self-quarantine.

Visit the UKVI website for more information on the link mentioned below and keep on checking back as the list is subject to continuing modifications.

Question No. 4

Am I safe to attend a UKVCAS appointment?

Yes, UKVCAS have put tough and extremely safe COVID-19 procedures in place at all UKVCAS sites to lessen the danger of spread of Coronavirus as far as possible. UKVCAS staff sit behind Perspex screens, wear face visors/masks, keep social distancing and frequently use hand sanitizer.

There are a couple of simple guidelines that you must follow when you come to your appointment.

These include:

You should wear a face mask when you visit one of our Service Points.

Obey instructions given by UKVCAS staff – these are for the well-being and safety of yourself and others.

Only bring named applicants with you to your appointment. For any concession where one additional person may be allowed please visit the Frequently Asked Question Link mentioned below.

Question No. 5

My local Service Point has been shut due to Coronavirus and my appointment has been negated. What shall I do?

UKVCAS will automatically rearrange your appointment for you. Login to your UKVCAS account within 48 hours of the annulment to verify. If the time, date and location are not suitable, you can cancel the appointment and book another one at a date and time to suit you.

Question No.6

Will my immigration status be disturbed if I cannot attend my UKVCAS appointment due to Coronavirus?

No. Your immigration status will not be impacted if you are unable to visit the UKVCAS appointment due to COVID-19 concerned motives, so you don’t need to be worried at all.

Question No. 7

I have got to know that UKVCAS Service Point I visited yesterday has been closed because of the Coronavirus. Do I need to self-isolate and take a Covid-19 test?

No you don’t need to go for the test or self-isolate at all. UKVCAS has vigorous Coronavirus measures in place and staff use full PPE. You are only required to self-isolate and take a test if NHS Track and Trace advises you to do so.