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According to the latest updates from the Home Office you are no longer required to send the Original Passport to the Home Office When Updating Details.

Under the EU Settlement Scheme, there is an obligation that an applicant’s personal details are retained up to date. So, if modifications or alterations have been made to any of the following details, the UK Home Office must be informed:

  • Name
  • Identity document (such as a passport)
  • Mobile number
  • Email address and
  • UK address

Registering a new passport

In the past, when updating information of a new passport, an applicant was needed to send their original passport to the UK Home Office before their details could be updated.

The good news is that it is no longer obligated in the many cases. Presently, the new passport details can be submitted online and instead of demanding the original document to be sent, the UK Home Office now need a photo or scan of the new document to be sent as part of the online procedure.

After the online process has been done, an applicant will get notification in around 7 working days which affirms that the related details have been updated. In some special situation, the UK Home Office may ask for the original passport to be sent and will inform about this once the online procedure has been concluded.


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