In today’s video update, we’ll talk about UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson not immediately enforcing any further Covid restrictions

The UK Government will not falter to intensify restrictions if data demonstrates it necessary, says Boris Johnson

He further mentioned that that he is not instantaneously inflicting any further Covid restrictions in England, but will not hang back to do so if the data shows it is essential.

Speaking at a three-hour emergency meeting of cabinet, the UK Prime Minister stated that the disagreements for and against going beyond the current Plan B restrictions were “finely balanced”.

He mentioned that ministers of Parliament had agreed that the data on infections, hospitalisations and loss of life should be kept under “constant review” on an hour-by-hour basis.

And he said he would not think twice to take further action to safe guard public health if the numbers showed it to be imposed.

Boris Johnson’s scientific advisers have cautioned that action is required immediately to save the NHS from being annihilated.

The UK Prime Minister stated: “I agree that the condition is very difficult and the disagreements either way are very, very finely balanced.

“We have got events of Omicron heaving across the UK now we have got hospitalisations, increasing quite sharply in in London and the obvious assumption is that of course it was right to go fast to Plan B in the way that we did and also right to amplify the pace of the booster rollout.”

But he said that there were “risks and uncertainties” encircling the ration at which individuals affected with Omicron are likely to end up in hospital, the seriousness of any illness instigated and the effectiveness of the booster vaccine in fighting off the variant.

“We approved that we should keep the information from now on under continuous review, keep following it hour by hour,” he mentioned.

“Regrettably, I must say to people we will have to stand-in the option of taking further action to protect the public and to protect public health and to protect our NHS, and we will not hesitate to take that action.”

Furthermore, Mr Johnson stated: “In the interim what I would suggest to everyone is ‘Please practice caution as you go about your lives. Please think of the advice and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

“‘And please get a covid booster. Please get a vaccination.’

“It could not be more vital. There are still millions of individuals in the UK who have not got a vaccination and it makes such a change. The indication is irresistible. It is such a positive thing to do.

“And I say to all those people who are vaccinated whether out of lethargy or whatever reason, please, please please think of this as a great thing to do for yourself and for your family to get boosted immediately.”

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