Applying from outside the UK

Applying from outside the UK

Let’s begin the video and tell you, When does your waiting period start

Various waiting times apply for applications made outside the UK. After you have submitted your application via website, the waiting time begins when you either attend an appointment to give your biometric information at a VAC (visa application centre) or when you confirm your identity utilizing an ID check App.

Please keep in mind that waiting time ends when you get a decision.

If you are visiting the UK or plan to transit the UK, are pursuing education in the UK, working or investing in the UK, applying as a Commonwealth Citizen (Ancestry), Returning Resident or for a biometric replacement, or transferring a visa or applying for a certificate of entitlement you must get an outcome of your application inside 3 weeks.

If you are applying to adhere a family pursuant to Appendix FM or on the foundation of Family Reunion standard processing times are 12 weeks.

Now let’s discuss about the priority services?

There are priority services accessible for an additional fee. Whether you can utilize them will rely on what visa you are applying for and whether they are present at the VAC you are utilizing. The services range from super priority (next day collection), to priority (5 working days) and priority settlement (30 working days).

Priority services are not always suggested if for instance there are criminal condemnations or an adverse immigration history that requires addressing.

Complete list of visa application centres can be found in the links mentioned below in the description and comments box.

Please keep in mind that most visa application centres have restarted service where local restrictions do not stop it, but you will be required to check this when you submit your application.

Now let’s tell you why will you be required to wait longer?

Why do you need to wait longer?

UKVI mentions that you may be required to wait longer if your application is not ‘straightforward’.

Examples provided include due to an interview is required, backup documents need to be authenticated or because you have a criminal conviction.

Even if you have utilized priority or super priority services and the application is not believed to be straightforward, the application will still be at the front of the queue and UKVI will try to process inside the standard timescales.

Lastly, let’s discuss if you require a decision on your application which is delayed or you require urgent decision.

What can you do if a decision on your application is delayed or you need an urgent decision?

You can try getting in touch with the Home Office (by phone, in writing or both) to request an update. You can consider giving proof of how the delay is affecting you, for instances if you do not have a right to work or study. If there is an emergency or the standard processing time has crossed it is possible to enquire for the matter to be escalated.

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