A UK Solicitor in a London-based company ZA Solicitors Ltd was caught in undercover TV sting suggesting to arrange sham marriage for £13,000 so the immigrant could breach immigration rules and regulations to stay in the UK.

Zulfiqar Ali, a solicitor in London told a reporter pretending as an immigrant he can organise a sham marriage

He further said that the immigrant would have to pay £13,000 to bribe the bride and reside in the UK

He also said that a fake marriage was a ‘ fast and stress-free way’ of living in the UK.

A tribunal debarred Zulfiqar Ali from practising again and penalized him to pay £26,500 fine.

In an undercover TV sting a solicitor was caught recommending to organise a fake marriage so a potential client could breach the UK immigration rules has been removed from the official list.

Zulfiqar Ali informed the reporter who was posing as a Pakistani immigrant, whose student visa was due to expire in six months that he will have to spend a lot of money on it which equals to £13,000 to pay back his new bride and reside and live in the UK.

The solicitor confirmed that a fake marriage was a ‘fast and easy way’ of staying in the UK and even exposed that he could assist deceive the UK Home Office case workers into thinking the marriage was real and authentic.

Zulfiqar Ali who is on benefits after his law firm was obliged to close down has now been removed from the official register and not allowed to do legal work anymore after the hearing by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

The undercover reporter mentioned that his parents wanted him to live in the UK for good after a year and half in the UK but he didn’t ‘really have any opportunities and believed it would be impossible renewing the student visa.

The solicitor also said that he will tell the legal way in which bogus client will genuinely keep the marriage.’

The ‘ fraudulent ‘ solicitor bragged he knew questions the UK Home Office would enquire and mentioned that he was one of ‘five or six’ solicitors who can assist with fixing a fake marriage.

The solicitor also mentioned that, he will help in documentations, application forms and in interview if needed to be interviewed. He will help with everything.

Mr Zulfiqar Ali was heard by the tribunal who is now on universal credit after his company Z A Solicitors Ltd went into voluntary bankruptcy and he is also three months behind in his rent.

Mr Zulfiqar Ali also denied the accusations, appealing that he guided on the lawful options in ‘good faith’ and responded ‘hypothetical’ enquiries during two meetings with the undercover reporter in the year 2015.

But a tribunal overruled his claims, forbidding Mr. Zulfiqar Ali from working again and instructing him to pay £26,500 fine.

A description from the tribunal stated: ‘The tribunal had found that Mr Zulfiqar Ali had counselled on going into an illegitimate marriage, and offered to arrange the relevant paperwork, with an interpretation to dodge the UK immigration system.

‘Mr Zulfiqar Ali’s behaviour signified a stern departure from the integrity compulsory of all solicitors. Such behaviour would unavoidably have a meaningful damaging effect on the reputation of the profession.’

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