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In this blog, we will be discussing about the New UK Immigration Rules which includes Skilled Worker, Visitor and other routes.

A new Statement of Changes in UK Immigration Rules has been issued by the UK Government which gives more information about the UK’s new Points-Based Immigration System for visitors and workers, along with a several of other modifications.

We highly suggest you to watch the full video. These immigration changes may have great impact on your future UK Visa applications.

The New Rules, officially known as HC 813 (Click here), along with the explanatory memorandum can be found in the link here.

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Announcing the end of Tier 2 (General), the new UK Immigration Rules will see the overview of the new ‘Skilled Worker’ route from 1 December 2020. The Skilled Worker visa route is not as much limiting than Tier 2 (General). For instance, the skill obligation is RQF 3 instead of RQF 6, there is no resident labour market test (RLMT), there is no cooling-off period and there are better switching options for those migrants desiring to make an visa application inside the UK. Sponsors will still be required to show that they need a sponsored employee to fill up a ‘genuine vacancy’.

Modifications to Tier 2 (ICT), substituted by ‘Intra-Company Transfer’, comprises a less burdensome cooling-off period than now. There are also modifications to all other attributes of Tier 2 and Tier 5.

The immigration rules on absences have been established and there are also a number of other adjustments to the general obligations including in relation to criminal convictions, obligatory grounds of refusal, English language valuations and maintenance.

Concerning students, the UK visitor rules are being laidback to allow visitors coming to the UK for up to six months to be able to study in the UK during their stay. Currently, study under the visitor route is seriously limited. Furthermore, the short-term study facility will only be for students who will come to UK to study English for 6 – 11 months.

Parents of Child Students will be provided authorization in line with the child, instead of 12 months blocks as before.

Visitors will also be allowed to come to the UK to volunteer during their visit – currently, they can only do so if the volunteering is related to the visit.

The new Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa routes are officially announced into UK immigration law.

Several other work routes have also seen transformations, including Representative of an Overseas Business, Innovator, Start-Up and Ancestry. The majority of modifications are mostly technical, for example moving them to their specific ‘Appendix’ of the Rules. We will be revising all the key changes in detail and update our blog as soon as they are officially available

The 30 June 2021 cut-off date has also officially been announced for EU Settlement Scheme applications, even though there is possibility for applicants to apply where there are ‘reasonable grounds’ for losing the deadline.

Lastly, the New Rules published give legislative protection for migrants who overstayed from 24 January – 30 November 2020 due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Our blog ends here, if you need more information on the new UK Immigration Rules, please contact us now by commenting below or via our website.

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