Options available to Tier 4 Students who complete their degrees and want to remain in the United Kingdom. #UKTIER4VISA #UKSTUDENTVISA #UKVISA2020 Many students in the United Kingdom have extreme doubts about what they will be able to do after their education ends and are intensely concerned about the epidemic affecting graduate employment and hence their own long term prospects in the United Kingdom. Top 6 UK Immigration Options for Graduating Students in 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic. Universities throughout the United Kingdom are choosing numerous methods to how and when final year students will accomplish their degrees taking COVID-19 limitations into account. Let’s talk about the 6 immigration options which are available to the international students in the United Kingdom. Option Number 1: Further Study The amount of time spent in the student visa and depending on the level of study accomplished, an individual may be able to apply for further studies in the United Kingdom. Option Number 2: Start-up visa The Start-up visa category is for individuals who desire to lead a business in the United Kingdom, even though they will also have the right to work for other businesses as well. To apply in this visa category, an applicant should not have an operating business in the United Kingdom before, and will require to have their business idea recognised as being ground-breaking, practical and accessible. Option Number 3: Innovator visa Similar to the Start-up visa category, an Innovator visa applicant will be required to show that they have a business idea which is ground-breaking, practical and accessible. On the other hand these are evaluated at a superior level than for those applicants in the start-up visa category. Option Number 4: Global Talent visa The Global Talent visa path is for individuals who are surfacing leaders or already acknowledged as leaders within the field of their work. This could comprise academic work, but also those in the arts, fashion, digital sector and architecture. Option Number 5: Tier 2 Sponsored Work The Tier 2 visa category is for migrants with a job offer from a company in the United Kingdom. The company will be required to have a Sponsor Licence to permit it to sponsor migrants in the United Kingdom, but might be able to apply for one if this is not already in place. Option Number 6: Tier 1 Investor Visa To attain a Tier 1 Investor visa in the United Kingdom, a migrant should have access to £2 million, which is accessible to the migrant to invest into active United Kingdom company. The funds should either have been kept in their name for a period of two years prior to application otherwise further proof will be needed to show the source of the funds. Summary Although obviously there is much vagueness at the moment, there are numerous paths for new graduates to reside in the United Kingdom once their studies are finished. On top of the afore mentioned routes, relying on migrants situations, there may be other options for graduates, for instance, if they have already legally spent a ten year period in the United Kingdom, it may be possible to apply for long residence, or there are precise routes for individuals in relationships with British, Settled or European partners. There are also few temporary worker categories and certain paths for migrants of certain countries. To establish the most suitable possibility for any migrant it is always important to go through your full conditions and to take into account all achievable possibilities. To know more, please comment below. The End. ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????: ?Bronze Patron – £1 per month: ?Silver Patron – £5 per month: ? Gold Patron £10 per month: ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: ? Subscribe: ? Facebook: ? Website : ? Twitter : ? Insta : ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE :

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