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Immigration Health Surcharge fees refund procedure started, by the UK Home Office

At last NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS) and social care workers can now get the refund of the Immigration Health Surcharge they paid earlier.


The UK government has initiated an Immigration Health Surcharge refund scheme for NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS) and social care workers. Immigrants employed in a hospital or care home who does not possess a Health and Care visa will carry on to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge up front, but after every six months they can request it back.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to excuse migrants supporting the UK healthcare system from the annual £400 visa tax. That assurance was partly achieved by abandoning the charge for Health and Care visa applicants when that visa path was opened in August 2020.


The refund system is for migrants who are already in the UK on a visa granting a “generic right to work”, such as Youth Mobility, and who get a job with the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS) or in social care. They will be entitled for a reimbursement for every six-month period they work in succeeding roles for an average of 16 hours or more a week.

The UK Home Office rules provides aspects of the UK visa application process and the occupations that qualify in Annex A (Link mentioned below in comments section and description box). Not like the UK Health and Care visa, which is limited to specific healthcare professionals, an extensive range of occupations is offered for, comprising care workers and hospital support team.


Refunds are retrospective to 31 March, so migrants can presently apply to get their Surcharge back for the six-month period covering April-September 2020. The exclusion is those on a Tier 2 (General) visa, who are unable to use the refund process and should as an alternative email at to inquire about getting their Immigration Health Surcharge refunded.

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