The Quarantine Rules are likely to last until at least July 2020, but could last longer as the rule will be revised every three weeks. This denotes that the earliest estimated date that this rule will be assessed is 29 June 2020. What are the COVID-19 UK border measures? The new guidelines take effect from 8 June 2020 and will apply at the UK border to both United Kingdom nationals and visitors reaching by air, sea, car and international rail. The guidelines include: All international arrivals must provide information regarding their journey, contact and accommodation. All travellers are obligated to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving into the United Kingdom. Arrivals will also be strictly instructed to download and use the NHS contact tracing app, and improved information will be provided about the United Kingdom’s social distancing routine. What are the measures on Data collection? From 8 June 2020, all passengers to the United Kingdom will be required to complete an online form before they travel, to provide their contact and trip information. What is the 14 day quarantine for arrivals into the United Kingdom? Passengers arriving into the United Kingdom from 8 June 2020 should travel directly to the place they are residing and stay there for the first 14 days they are in the United Kingdom, except one of the regulated exemptions applies. Please keep in mind that you must stay in self-isolation at the location you are residing for a period of 14 days. You might only be allowed to leave your accommodation if: You require serious medical treatment You want support from social services You need medicine and food and unable to get them provided or get a friend or family member to fetch them You are going to the funeral of a close relative, or for other empathetic motives There is a tragedy (the United Kingdom Home Office website provides the example of a fire at the place where you are self-isolating). During this phase, you are not permitted to have family, friends or visitors around except they are giving “essential care”. If you are residing with family, friends or others, you must stay away from contact with them during the self-isolation period and reduce any time in common areas. What will happen after 14 days self-isolation? If after 14 days self-isolation you do not obtain symptoms of COVID-19, you can get out of quarantine. You should then obey the latest up to date assistance advice from the United Kingdom Government, which is in relation to social distancing. For further details on Exemptions from self-isolation & data collection please check the link mentioned below. What to do if you are Developing Covid-19 symptoms? Firstly, if you are developing Covid-19 symptoms, you should not travel at all. If you have coronavirus indications during your journey to the United Kingdom, you must warn a member of the crew of the plane or ferry, or the driver on your train or bus. They will then inform the staff at the airport, port or station, so they can advise you what you must do next when you reach your destination. LINKS: – Entering the UK: – Latest public health advice on coronavirus: – Coronavirus symptoms: – What to do if you develop coronavirus symptoms.: – List of who does not need to fill in the form or self-isolate: _________ uk quarantine rules, how long will uk quarantine rules last, what are uk quarantine rules, uk quarantine rules how long, when do uk quarantine rules start, arriving in uk quarantine rules, uk quarantine rules, uk quarantine rules after travel, uk quarantine rules arrivals, uk quarantine rules air travel, uk quarantine rules airports, uk quarantine rules from abroad, quarantine rules uk and france, what are uk quarantine rules, uk quarantine rules bbc, breaking quarantine rules uk, uk quarantine rules coronavirus, quarantine rules coming into uk, uk quarantine rules date, uk quarantine rules start date, when do uk quarantine rules start, uk quarantine rules end date, uk quarantine rules exemption uk quarantine rules exceptions ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????: ?Bronze Patron – £1 per month: ?Silver Patron – £5 per month: ? Gold Patron £10 per month: ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: ? Subscribe: ? Facebook: ? Website : ? Twitter : ? Insta : ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE :

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