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In this blog, we will talk about the details of Post-Brexit UK Immigration System, which  will be Advertised All Over Britain

Britain will be able to regulate, and choose who comes into the country and what jobs they will be doing, as per the new points based immigration system.

Many media channels, including radio, social media and digital, will also be aimed by the UK government, to communicate the message of a new set of immigration rules and regulations, immigrants will have to fulfil in order to relocate to the UK.

The UK Home Office campaign wants to make sure, businesses are all set and up-to-date about the all new points based immigration system, and the rules and regulations of recruitment from 1 January 2021.

Starting from January 2021, European Union  and non European Union citizens, will be considered equal, with importance allotted to high-skilled professions, such as scientists, engineers, academics and other highly-skilled workers.

Along with the concerns that, the new points based immigration system will hold back the process of staffing, and spoil the UK economy, Kevin Foster, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration stated that, it will be “fairer and firmer”, “enticing the brightest, and the best from across the globe to balance the skills we already have in the UK.”

If you want to know more about the points you will be required, to attain in the new immigration system, please click the link below mentioned in the comments section, and description box.

All applicants should have a job offer, from an authorized sponsor and at an obligated skill level. Professionals will also have to speak English to get their UK Visa application approved. When it comes to their salaries, visa applicants will be able to ‘trade’ characteristics, such as their specific job offer and qualifications against a salary, lesser than the minimum salary or the ‘going rate’ in their field. (click the link below for more information)

Furthermore, students will attain the all important points, if they possess an offer from an approved educational institution, be fluent in English, and are able to back themselves during their studies in the UK.

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