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The Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Priti Patel, says it is a “firmer, fairer and simpler” system, but Labour claims it will make workers from outside the United Kingdom feel uninvited. #pritipatel #postbrexit #ukpointsbasedsystem Post-Brexit immigration proposals to substitute freedom of movement with the European Union have surpassed their first main obstacle in parliament on 18 May, 2020. The points-based system was favoured by 351 votes to 252 – cheers to Boris Johnson’s huge Conservative majority in the House of Commons. Additional details are estimated to be published later in 2020 to clarify the upcoming system for all those who come to the United Kingdom after the transition period concludes at the end of December 2020. The proposals will now be examined further by Ministers of Parliament before the House of Lords discussions and votes on them, as well. Officials mentioned the system will make it stress-free and faster for medical professionals worldwide to work in the health service via a new fast-track NHS visa. Priti Patel mentioned it was a “firmer, fairer and simpler” system. But Nick Thomas-Symonds, shadow home secretary stated the rule was pointed at making foreign workers feel unwanted in the United Kingdom and stands a danger to United Kingdom’s interests. He further mentioned that, “It is sheer double standards towards our NHS and care workers, over 180,000 in England and Wales alone, to stand and clap for them on a Thursday night, and then command them that they are not wanted in the United Kingdom on a Monday”. In February 2020, the United Kingdom government declared future migrants to the United Kingdom will have to score 70 points on the new immigration system in order to be eligible for a visa. (image) Please note that three terms must be met, which add up to 50 points which are: A job offer from an approved sponsor, for instance an employer allowed by the United Kingdom Home Office. This will produce 20 points. Attain a job offer that is at a “required skill level”. This will get another 20 points. The capability to speak English to a specific level. This will secure 10 points. From January 2021, the lowest salary obligated for migrants coming to work in the United Kingdom will be lessened from £30,000 to £25,600. If foreign workers earn a salary over £25,600, they will earn the 20 additional points required to get to the compulsory 70-point level. If migrants earn less than £25,600 – but not less than £20,480 – they can come to the United Kingdom by “trading” points attained on certain characteristics against their lower salary level. For more information, feel free to contact us by commenting below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: arsishay@gmail.com 🔴ADVERTISE OR GENERAL QUERIES: help@arsishay.com 🔷Whatsapp : COMING SOON 🔶 Subscribe: https://goo.gl/KP1hnD 🔶 Facebook: https://goo.gl/UQYJZu 🔷 Website : https://goo.gl/NWHpmP 🔷 Twitter : https://goo.gl/eSTVWZ 🔶 Insta : https://goo.gl/GpjN3r ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: http://bit.ly/2wYxYiE ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE : http://bit.ly/3ciBmVN

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