The present Home Office Coronavirus guidance about travelling to the UK is divided into two distinct types and is founded on either the country from which you are coming or the type of your job.

List of exempt countries:

Whether you will be required to self-isolate on arrival in the UK totally relies on whether you come to the UK from an exempt country through a ‘travel corridor’. The list of exempt countries is continuously changing and must be referred before any travel to make sure that the most recent update is taken into account.

You can find the list of exempt countries and travel corridors from the official link mentioned below in the description box and comments section.

Furthermore, if you are coming to the UK from the Common Travel Area (“CTA”) (that is UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands), or have spent two weeks in the Common Travel Area (CTA) before coming to the UK, you may not be obligated to self-isolate.

It is essential to be mindful that depending on where in the UK you will be travelling (England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland) the list of nations to travel corridors will vary. It is for that reason vital that you verify the list for the country to which you intend to travel.

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List of exempt jobs:

Those migrants coming to the UK as part of their work, and who work within in a particular job, may be eligible for an exemption to self-isolation on their arrival to the UK.

These exemptions apply generally to those migrants entering the UK as part of a diplomatic mission, or as a government worker or delegate. The list also comprises emergency workers, delivery and travel employees coming to the UK in the process of carrying out their work, and certain specialist workers, such as power infrastructure or essential nuclear personnel.

A thorough list of exempt professions, and an analysis of what each profession is excused from (either the condition of self-isolation for two weeks or complete a passenger locator form, or both) can be found in the link mentioned below in the comments and description box. If you think that you may be exempt because of the nature of your employment, you must refer to the list before any travel.

Because of the continuously varying nature of the present Covid-19 pandemic, the afore mentioned information is being revised consistently. It is your duty to check the UK Government’s Coronavirus guidance before the journey to make sure you follow the present obligations.

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