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Before we continue with the blog we would highly suggest you to take all possible measures to leave the UK where it is applicable to do so or apply to legalize your stay in the UK.

If you plan to leave the UK but you were not able to do so and you have a visa or leave to remain which expires between 1 November and 30 November 2020 you can request additional time to stay, which is called ‘exceptional assurance’, by filling the online form.

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If you are permitted ‘exceptional assurance’ it will behave as a short-term shield against any hostile action or penalties after your visa or leave to remain has expired. If circumstances permit you to work, study or rent lodging you may carry on to do so throughout the period of your exceptional assurance. Exceptional assurance does not provide you leave.

After you have completed the online Exceptional assurance form, you will be told what you will need to submit to prove why you cannot depart from the UK.

If you have previously completed the Exceptional assurance form to apply for exceptional assurance and you are waiting on the conclusion, you are not required to email the UK Home Office or complete the Exceptional assurance form once more. The Home Office is processing all applications and they will get in touch with you to let you know the decision. Meanwhile, you will not be considered as an overstayer or face any disadvantage in any future immigration applications for the Exceptional assurance period.

If you have previously been granted Exceptional assurance but your conditions have changed or you were not able to depart from the UK by the assurance date given in the past, you should reapply through the Exceptional assurance online form. You will be required to openly mention that you are making a subsequent application. Please note that you will be asked to give new supporting documents to prove your statement.

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