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In this blog we will be discussing about the launch of UK Immigration and Citizenship bio-metric identity verification application specially introduced to boost up the applications

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UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) and UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) has been working very hard to make a new bio-metric identity verification (IDV) app that lets applicants to record facial images and travel documents.

“In many cases, UKVI is accepting bio-metrics (fingerprints and photographs) to be reprocessed, if they have already been documented in a prior application. UKVI and UKVCAS have been working jointly to invent a path to submit facial images using a new Identity Verification (IDV) app”.

The plan originates as reaction to COVID-19 pandemic, as the institutions hope to enhance and speed up application processing by reprocessing bio-metrics. Consequently, in-person bio-metrics appointments would no longer be required. Before COVID-19, an appointment would amount approximately £110.

The UKVCAS stated that, “The IDV app lets applicants that are entitled for UKVI’s bio-metric reuse procedure (fingerprints and photographs that have been documented in a prior application) to make their visa application information to UKVI without having to reserve an appointment at UKVCAS”.

The app was authorized mid-August 2020 and operation initiated on August 17. The institution is getting in touch with users via email, who can use the app in two phases, depending on registration date. The objective is to administer over 4,000 applications everyday.

The application service is supported by Sopra Steria, which provides a detailed know how here. Sopra Steria was also presented a contract to deliver the EU Entry/Exit System’s new shared bio-metric matching service, as part of association with Idemia.

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