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🔥🔥LATEST UPDATE: JOHNSON FORCED TO DROP NHS SURCHARGE FOR MIGRANT HEALTH WORKERS According to the reports on main stream media United Kingdom Government will not scrap NHS surcharge for migrant health-care workers and this means that a Family of four on three-year work permit will have to pay approximately £10,000 to access NHS. #NHSsurcharge #pritipatel #nhsvisa The United Kingdom government has sparked extensive anger by denying to slash an added surcharge for foreign NHS workers to access health service. As reported in a newspaper on Thursday 14 May, 2020 that there will be no privileges for foreign workforce, in spite of Home Secretary Priti Patel assuring to “review” the notorious charges three weeks ago. The United Kingdom Home Office mentioned that no review took place beyond provisions for a one-year extension for NHS health staff whose visas will expire before 1 October in the year 2020. A spokesperson from the Home Office confirmed that “This is fully free of cost and incorporates an exemption from the immigration health surcharge”. In October it is reported that the Immigration Health Surcharge will increase from £400 to £624, and will be expanded to all European Union nationals from January 2021 as part of a range of actions announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak during his budget in March 2020. As reported in the newspaper, Independent, as there is no right of rescheduling, or ability to pay yearly, foreign staff will have to pay the sum in full for the entire period of their visa or residency permit. This denotes that a family comprising four members on a three-year work permit will have to submit almost £10,000 to get the NHS, additionally paying current taxes and national insurance. The Immigration Health surcharge applies to all foreign residents studying and working in the United Kingdom, including NHS staff, and their entire families. The opposition Labour Party named the effort “unconscionable” and stated that “the NHS would collapse without foreign staff.” Labour’s shadow health minister, Justin Madders said “Ministers often express how proud they are of the astonishing efforts being made by NHS workers, yet when the government have the chance to do something concrete to show their gratitude they suddenly remove all support and assistance” Over 170 NHS workers have deceased confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, many of whom have been from migrant and ethnic minority backgrounds. The first eight United Kingdom NHS doctors to have died from the COVID-19 virus were all immigrants. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: 🔴ADVERTISE OR GENERAL QUERIES: 🔷Whatsapp : COMING SOON 🔶 Subscribe: 🔶 Facebook: 🔷 Website : 🔷 Twitter : 🔶 Insta : ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE :

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