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Many temporary visa holders due to Covid-19 are now facing difficulties to meet the requirements of residency and employment required for succeeding the permanent s/c 887 application. The Department of Home Affairs has therefore announced that s/c 887 applicants will be given some concessions.

Application lodged outside Australia:

The concessions are available to eligible applicants that have worked full-time in a specified regional area for three months (the employment concession) and have lived in a specified regional area for six months (the residence concession).

These applicants can lodge their visa application outside Australia during the concession period and be granted the visa while they are outside Australia.

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Application lodged in Australia:

These concessions will benefit the eligible and prospective Skilled – Regional (subclass 887) visa applicants who have lodged their subclass 887 visa application on or after 19 September 2020 and during the ‘concession period‘. These applicants will be eligible for the employment concession, but not for the residence concession.

The concession period started on 1 February 2020 and will continue until a date to be specified by the Minister.

If you hold a 489 visa and are about to lodge your s/c 887 these temporary measures could benefit you.

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