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Boris Johnson, The United Kingdom Prime Minister also stated an extension of the bereavement scheme to back lower-salaried staff after being forced to drop NHS surcharge for migrant health workers. After a series of setbacks, the United Kingdom government has ultimately announced the exclusion of the controversial Immigrant Health Surcharge (IHS) for foreign NHS staff and care workers. It is reported that at least 44 per cent of the workforce in the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) are from ethnic minority groups and out of every 10 doctors are foreign-born. No less than 312 healthcare specialists who have passed away due to Covid-19 in the United Kingdom were of migrants. Boris Johnson’s official representative announced on 21 May 2020 that the United Kingdom prime minister has requested the Home Office to spare NHS and care workers from paying the Immigration Health surcharge. “The Prime Minister has asked the Home Office and the Department for Health and Social Care to remove NHS and care workers from the NHS surcharge as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said. “Work by officials is now underway on how to implement the change and full details will be announced in the coming days,” added the Prime Minister’s spokesperson. NHS staff includes a huge number of doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners, social care workers and independent health workers. NHS Covid-19 Bereavement scheme The NHS Covid-19 Bereavement Scheme has also been expanded by the United Kingdom government since last month and was anticipated to offer reassurance to the families of foreign national NHS employees. The NHS Covid-19 Bereavement Scheme will now offer indefinite leave to remain free of charge in the United Kingdom for families of healthcare workers, who have perished in the line of duty battling Covid-19. Now it also includes porters, cleaners and social care workers along with doctors and nurses. The NHS Covid-19 Bereavement Scheme will be effective “immediately and retrospectively. Priti Patel, the United Kingdom Home Secretary called the effort a recognition of the “tireless dedication and selflessness” of the NHS healthcare workers and stated, “We want to ensure families have the support they need and so this will be effective immediately and retrospectively.” Exclaiming this a victory for “common sense,” Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, said, “It’s the right thing to do, we can’t clap our carers on a Thursday and charge them to use our National Health Service on a Friday.” =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-= ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: 🔴ADVERTISE OR GENERAL QUERIES: 🔷Whatsapp : COMING SOON 🔶 Subscribe: 🔶 Facebook: 🔷 Website : 🔷 Twitter : 🔶 Insta : ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE :

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