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Individuals trying to get asylum in the UNITED KINGDOM must go through a lie detector test as segment of their application, the previous chief of UNITED KINGDOM immigration enforcement stated.

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Exploitation of the asylum system is “rife” and it is being exhausted by economic immigrants, conferring to David Wood.

In a statement, he declared modern technology may assist to find “signs of deception”.

It originates when Home Secretary Sajid Javid interrogated whether some immigrants intersecting the Channel were genuine asylum seekers.

There has been a minor spike in voyages to Britain in recent months, and in December Mr Javid said the upsurge a “major incident”.

The Home Office stated it is not thinking of benefitting from lie detectors in asylum cases.

Mr Wood was the second-in-command chief executive of the United Kingdom Border Agency and afterward the director general of immigration and enforcement at the Home Office, afore stepping down in 2015.

He stated in the article – issued on Friday – for neutral think tank Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society.

In the report, he states the present technique is being depleted to “facilitate economic migration” – with up to 15,000 asylum applications per annum from individuals who eventually have no effective claim.

‘Get to the reality more rapidly ‘

He proposes one way of differentiating authentic refugees from others could be to practice programmed technology to monitor applications.

The 20-minute monitoring technology – which the report states has accuracy level of 90% – would underline “questionable” answers, so interrogators can “focus on those areas”.

He further stated: “It would not be about proving that the applicant is lying, but about being reasonably confident that they are telling the truth,”.

“That could save a lot of time, enabling caseworkers to get to the truth more quickly.”

The Home Office – which stated it is not thinking of operating lie detectors – said its staff are “rigorously trained” to construct reliable and superior decisions.

It is believed that Many individuals will hesitate at the concept of using technology to verify whether asylum seekers are revealing the truth or not.

Thousands of those who come to United Kingdom coast line every year have escaped horrifying manipulation and discrimination – and in some cases agony.

It would be cruel and painful, the disagreement goes, to necessitate them to present to an automatic route of lie detection.

But polygraph testing is commonly used, mostly by law enforcement, in other countries – and since 2014 it’s been implemented by probation officers in England and Wales to conclude whether sentenced sex offenders are fulfilling their licence situations.

It would be a key phase for that to be lengthened to the asylum system – but the discussion has begun.

How does an individual seek asylum?
The government states: “If an individual wants to remain in the UNITED KINGDOM as a refugee, they should leave their country and not capable to return for the reason of a fear of torture.”

They must apply when they first appear in the UNITED KINGDOM or as soon as they believe it would be dangerous to go back to their home country.

After they have submitted an application, they will be called for “screening” – an appointment with an immigration officer – where they will be questioned why they seek asylum.

After that, they will go through a question and answer session during which they are enquired to give details and provide proof of how they were victimized in their home country and why they are frightened to return.

A conclusion will generally be presented within six months, as mentioned by the government officials.


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