The European Union Settlement Scheme is intended for European Union/European Economic Area citizens and their family members who are at present residing in the United Kingdom, or will start residing in the United Kingdom before 31 December 2020. #EUSETTLEMENTSCHEME #EUNATIONAL #SETTLEDSTATUS European Union nationals and their family members with settled status or pre-settled status will have the same approach as they presently do to healthcare, pensions and other benefits in the United Kingdom. The last date to apply for the European Union Settlement scheme is 30 June 2021. Questions Number 1 Is it necessary to make an application before 31 December 2020 or 30 June 2021? The cut-off date to apply under the European Union Settlement Scheme is 30 June 2021, on the other hand we would advise to apply as soon as possible, preferably before 31 December 2020. This is because after 01 January 2021 we might begin observing modifications as a result of Brexit and as such, we cannot assure that these modifications will not have a negative effect on entering and departing from the United Kingdom. Questions Number 2 Can I still apply for National Insurance Number, if I don’t have one? Of course YES! A national insurance number is not an obligation for the European Union Settlement Scheme. Giving your national insurance number signifies that the United Kingdom Home Office can check your details and if you have a history of paying taxes and/or national insurance contributions, you will be allotted pre-settled or settled status suitably. If you do not possess a national insurance number it just indicates that the United Kingdom Home Office might request you to submit documents proving your residence. Questions Number 3 Will a Biometric Residence Card be issued? Not all applicants will be provided with a Biometric Residence Card. Many applicants, including European Economic Area citizens and family members whom have in the past possessed a Biometric Residence Card will not be provided with any physical document. Instead you will be able to log on to the United Kingdom government website to watch and verify your status to anyone who demands to see it. Non-European Economic Area family members who have never been provided with a Biometric Residence Card will be allotted with one under the European Union Settlement Scheme. Questions Number 4 Can I apply for pre-settled status, if I am an unmarried partner of an EEA national? Yes, you will be qualified. On the other hand, you must have already been recognised as the unmarried partner, which denotes that you should have already been provided with a related document. An appropriate document is described in the Immigration Rules and comprises a family permit, residence card or a permanent residence card. Questions Number 5 What should I do if I have been given settled status, and I have only lived in the UK as an EEA family member for 2 years? If you have had resided in the United Kingdom in a previous immigration category, such as a Tier 2 (General) visa and later married an European Economic Area citizen, your European Union settlement scheme application may have picked up your prior residence and/or tax history, therefore the system has accepted you having resided in the United Kingdom for 5 years. Then again, it would be best if you notified them that this decision is wrong. They will then provide you the correct status. Although we understand that this is not a perfect condition, it is always best to have the precise status so if and when you come to apply for naturalisation to be a British citizen, you will not tackle any disputes. Questions Number 6 Do I still need to apply for the European Union Settlement Scheme if I already have permanent residence? The response to this query differs if you desire to apply for naturalisation as a British national and if so, when you are entitled to do so. An applicant can usually apply for naturalisation 12 months after obtaining or getting permanent residence. If you are qualified to make an application for naturalisation before 31 December 2020, then you are not required to apply for settled status. Then again, if you are not qualified before 31 December 2020, then it is advised that you apply for settled status as come 31 December 2020, your permanent residence card will lose its validity. This will not disturb the date you are eligible to apply for naturalisation. ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????: ?Bronze Patron – £1 per month: ?Silver Patron – £5 per month: ? Gold Patron £10 per month: ⚠️GENERAL QUERIES, PLEASE EMAIL AT✉️: ? Subscribe: ? Facebook: ? Website : ? Twitter : ? Insta : ● VIDEO DISCLAIMER: ● FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE :

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