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The Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) is an added fee imposed on the most of UK visa applications. You are obligated to submit your Immigration Health Su0rcharge (“IHS”) payment as part of your UK Visa application or when you book an appointment. If you apply by post, you will have to submit the Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) before you make your UK Visa application.

The Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) was initially due to increase to £624 from £400 per year, with effect from 1 October 2020.

The primary draft order that confirms 1 October 2020 as the date for the increment to come into effect has been switched by a new draft order which mentions that the increment will be effective 21 days after the command takes legal consequences. As this latest draft order has not yet been made, the increment in the Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) cannot take place on 1 October 2020.

On 22 September 2020 the new draft order was favoured by the House of Commons and by the House of Lords on 23 September 2020. This denotes that once a minister has signed the order, it will turn into law, and the increment in the Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) will come into effect 21 days later.

The revised draft order also delivers an exception from the Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”)for Health and Care Visa applicants.

Students, dependants of students, Youth Mobility Visa holders, and anyone under 18 will be allowed to submit a decreased Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) fee of £470.00.

More about Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) and its exemptions

The Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) must be paid by UK Visa applicants and their dependants desiring leave to enter or leave to remain in the UK under the UK Immigration Rules. Specific Visa categories of applicants are excused from paying the Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”), these include the following:

Services allowed to use after Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) payment.

You will be obligated to pay for any National Health Service (NHS) care you receive at the point that you use the service, except it is a service that is free. Please click the link mentioned here which summarizes the facilities that you may be allowed to use without any additional charge.

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