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In an effort to provide flawless visa routes for students, and maintain attractiveness in a changing international education market, the UK government has issued new immigration visa routes for students.

The UK’s university system is over and over again advertised as a glittering jewel in the United Kingdom’s crown. The university sector, which educates millions of local and international students every year, also adds heavily to the UK’s economy and is well-known for its superiority, research and student preference.

“Then again, on the back of extensive concern for its economy, the UK government in an attempt to entice students to its universities has published a new points-based visa route for international students.

Initially anticipated to come into effect from January 2021, the student and child student visa routes will now both commence from 5 October 2020, which means that those who are preparing to study in the UK in the near future may need to apply through the new points based immigration system.”

The new visa routes will consider international students on an equal basis. All migrant students – including those students arriving into the UK from Europe after the transition period is over will be taking the same visa route.

The new student visa route upgrades the previous Tier 4 route by making it more modernised for sponsoring institutions and their students. The UK government also mentioned that there would be no limit on the number of students who can come to the UK under the new student visa route.

If you are a potential international student, you will be needing a total of 70 points to get a UK student visa.

You will be able to get the required 70 points if you can provide proof of an offer from an approved educational institution, prove that you can speak English and you are able to support yourself financially throughout your studies in the UK.”

Furthermore, increased flexibility will allow international students to apply for a UK visa six months before travelling to the UK.

In the past, international students could not apply for a UK visa until the commencement date of the course is near.

Furthermore, Masters degree students will be permitted to remain in the UK for a further two years after completion of their studies, while PhD students can remain for an another three years. Students will also be provided with the option to switch to work routes if they can find a suitable job in the UK.

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