UK DEPORTATION: HOW TO CHALLENGE IT? Deportation Orders in the United Kingdom   If an individual has committed a felony or has enacted in a way which is not favourable for the public good, the Home Secretary will serve a Deportation Order and consequently arrange for removal. A Deportation Order can be confronted if the […]

10 Year Illegal Immigrant How to legalize Your Status

  10 Year Illegal Immigrant: Regularising Your Status What is the legal position of the 10 year illegal immigrant? Are any official routes available to you under UK immigration law to regularise your immigration status? If you are a non-EU national living in the UK without valid leave to enter or remain, you will be […]

UK Visa and Criminal Conviction

UK Visa and Criminal Conviction For reasons identified with a person’s character, lead or affiliations, movement authorities and the Home Secretary claim all authority to reject consent for outside vagrants to enter the UK, or repudiate authorization for transients who have just been allowed a UK visa. Furthermore, the Home Secretary has the ability to […]


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