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HM Passport Office are now accepting passport applications via the online service and also by post. Although HM Passport Office is operating with a lessened workforce, applications are being managed, even though at a gradual rate than the issued standard service time of 3 to 6 weeks.

Please note that, the online form has been modified with added questions which are intended to restrain applicants from applying for non-urgent passport applications at present because of the delays causing from the COVID-19 pandemic. The online form asks applicants to state the reason for wanting to submit the application, advising that applicants should have a need for critical or compassionate travel in order to submit their applications at present. Furthermore, the form requires applicants to ignore the anticipation that their application will be processed within the standard processing times. If you have any queries regarding to the online form, please do not hesitate to contact us by commenting below or via email.



The latest online guidance from HM Passport Office mentions that “Do not apply unless you require a passport urgently for compassionate reasons, for instance if a family member has deceased, or for government business”. So, although it is possible to continue with an application at present, HM Passport Office highly suggest that non-urgent applications must be submitted at a later date as applications submitted now are liable to suffer severe delays. Applicants are not able to travel at the same time as an application is unresolved and as a result, the delay in processing may interrupt travel arrangements.

British Passports Application and Processing Fees

Please note that it is cheaper to submit a passport application online. For instance, a standard adult (16 and over) 34-page passport costs £75.50 if the application is applied online. If submitted using the paper form (which can be acquired from the Post Office) the fee is £85. This variance in price is revealed in all application types and therefore all applications submitted online are £9.50 lesser if submitted by post. Fees are subject to change, and the present passport application fees can be found in the link mentioned below in the description and comments box.

Updates on Burgundy passports

There is no obligation to attain a new passport if your passport is burgundy or has ‘European Union’ written on the cover. Official guidance authorizes these passports stays valid and can be utilized until they expire.

Currently, if you are desiring to submit a passport application and have fears about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, you can always contact us on the details mentioned in this video update.

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