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Effects of Covid-19 on Asylum seekers in the UK

According to a media report an asylum seeker was due to have his face-to-face interview with the Home Office officials which is in important part of the Asylum process – in March 2020 but lockdown was implemented three days before his Asylum Face to Face appointment and everything was put on ice.

Wales Strategic Migration Partnership Figures for last October exposed that there were over 2,600 asylum seekers only in Wales.

Activists believe migrants in search of refuge from torture and civil conflicts should be permitted to work, specifically now as the migrants waiting for their Asylum decision continue to increase.

Over 100 groups are supported by the City of Sanctuary in the UK who work with asylum seekers and refugees within their societies.

The charity mentioned that there had been interruptions in the system for decades but the Covid-19 pandemic had generated further backlog due to face-to-face interviews discontinued for safety.

Asylum applications waiting for a decision

UK numbers for initial applications

How long are asylum seekers waiting for a decision?

Numbers up to March 2020 exposed that:

53,709 asylum seekers in the UK were expecting a decision on their Asylum application to be permitted refugee status

31,516 people in the UK were waiting for over six months – that’s a 40% rise on the figures waiting at the end of the year 2019

Of the 8,719 appeals made until March 2020, 45% were successful, meaning the UK Home Office decision was reversed and they were allowed asylum.

The UK’s rule on letting people to work while they wait for an asylum decision is more preventive than other countries in the world.

Regrettably they are not able to work at the same time as they’re in the asylum process, so what we would be demanding for is improved-quality decision making, in addition to rapid decision making.

Then again, in the meantime migrants should be able to work and be a part of the society.”


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