Is Boris Johnson’s new, ‘three-tier system’, a help or a burden?

Earlier this month, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson revealed a new three-tier lockdown system for England, in a new effort to control the spread of Covid-19. The procedure intents to apply a set of rules and limitations, which can be utilized nationwide, as well as to enforce lockdowns locally, with the purpose of streamlining the present coronavirus safety protocols.

Boris Johnson declared a traffic light-style plan, which will categorise all regions in England based on the degree of illness, and total number of cases within each area.

Whereas the system is intended to save people, the problem is will it save businesses?

The threetier system – What is it?

Regions with comparatively less infection ratio, will be positioned at Level 1, Green, and will be subject to current limitations such as the rule of six, social distancing and the usage of face coverings in public dwellings. Leisure and entertainment locations for example, restaurants, pubs, and bars will carry on to operate, but will still be subject to curfew, and should remain shut between the hours of 10pm-5am.

Level 2, Amber, areas will suffer intensified social limitations, including a prohibition on socialising with different families in public areas, such as bars or restaurants, together with in private zones for example, homes or gardens. Only essential journeying will be permitted, ensuing in a bigger number of individuals, who will not be able to go to work.

Level 3,Red, will be retained for regions which are considered to be at the uppermost risk level. Here lockdown limitations will be strict, representing those imposed on the whole country, back in March 2020. Bars, pubs, casinos, betting shops, and tourist attractions, may face provisional closure. Amateur sports, social clubs, and community centres, will also be banned.

What does this mean?

Numerous immigrants, including Tier 1 Entrepreneurs, Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses and Innovators, are obligated to constantly run businesses in the UK, and to generate jobs in order to fulfil their visa conditions. Failure to follow to these obligations, will result in a rejection of further leave to remain in the UK.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has stated an expansion of the Job Retention Scheme, so as to defend employers and employees who might be affected, by the three-tier lockdown rule in the next few months. Not like the scheme which is presently in place, the UK Government will now try to pay, up to 67% of each employee’s salary, up to a maximum of £2,100 per month, and employers will be accountable to pay pension contributions, and national insurances.

The likelihood of further strict lockdown protocols, will have an intense impact on those migrants, who are obligated to meet previously difficult requirements, and who are merely just getting back on their feet after an extended, and problematic summer.

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