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Five Countries with Easy Immigration Rules


Be warned that this list mentions countries that are very different from the USA or Canada.


With most developed countries reducing the number of immigrants they let in, emigration is becoming increasingly difficult. Let’s face it: unless you have an advanced, technical skill, it will be very difficult for you to get a visa for a highly developed country.


So what do you? Well, you could settle for a less-developed nation that can still meet your needs. So, this list goes off the beaten path a bit, bypassing the developed countries that are the most popular immigration destinations and instead focuses on less developed countries with lax immigration policies.



Yes, this is a small country in South America, with a small population.



An amazingly green and beautiful country right at the equator. This country also claims the Galapagos Islands. To immigrate, all you need to be able to show is a guaranteed monthly income of USD $800 for yourself, and an extra USD $100 for each of your dependents. So, if you are retired and have a pension of USD $800 per month, you can easily settle here. If you’re not retired, you can invest in a mutual fund or a fixed deposit that can generate the necessary amount.



Argentina is a large country with a small population. The population density is just 15 people per square kilometre. It has a wide variety of climates, ranging from temperate in the north to almost polar in the south. To settle here, all you need to show is a guaranteed monthly income of USD $850.



Brazil is a great country with a rich culture and a high human development index. To settle here, you have to be retired and have a monthly pension of USD $2000. You can take two dependents along with you. For every dependent you bring, you will need an extra USD $1000 per month.



Svalbard is a large collection of islands near Norway. Though officially a part of Norway, Svalbard boasts a multi-national population from countries as far-flung as India, the United States, Canada, Japan, and South Africa. However this is a very expensive place, and you need to prove that you’ll be able to support yourself. A very cold and barren, but beautiful and isolated place.

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